Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask – Nourishes, Style & Boosts a Healthy, Shiny Beard

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  • Nourishes & Conditions Beard
  • Softens & Encourages Growth
  • Style & Shape Beard
  • Fights dandruff
  • Adds Volume
  • Soothes & Calms Irritation
  • Gives a Beard Healthy Shine
  • Achieve a Fuller-Looking Beard
  • 100 ml
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Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask – Nourishes, Style & Boosts a Healthy, Shiny Beard

Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask – Nourishes, Style & Boosts a Healthy, Shiny Beard

Rs. 740

Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask – Nourishes, Style & Boosts a Healthy, Shiny Beard

Rs. 740

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ChiltanPure Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask

Beard Conditioner is known for beard care and keeping your beard as soft as a feather!

ChiltanPure Men Beard Growth Conditioner hydrates, softens, and defines your beard, helping to attain a perfectly groomed appearance without sacrificing style or comfort. By conditioning and moisturizing, this conditioner eliminates dandruff and irritation.

How does it work?

Our conditioner’s unique blend of protein produced by veg-derived ingredients boosts your facial hair, supplying your beard with new life and heroic looks. A soft, lustrous, shiny beard hydrates the skin beneath the beard and nourishes the facial hair. Shorter beard hair allows this conditioner to penetrate and reach the skin more rapidly.

When you’re done conditioning your beard with this beard growth conditioner for men, the hair will feel smooth to the touch and your beard will be easier to style than ever!!

Amazing Facts

  • Even if your beard is thick, curly, and rough, conditioning it every day will make it smooth to the touch and simple to comb or brush through.
  • The hair cuticle unlocks after beard washing to allow for cleaning. To lock in nutrients and keep impurities out, you bind them back using conditioner.
  • The beard hair will become stronger, protecting it from damage, split ends, and even hair loss after using it.
  • Vitamin E in our beard growth conditioner improves circulation and boosts beard growth.
  • Coconut oil in it works well for supplying your beard luster, sheen, and softness while also helping fight over dandruff.

Nourishes & Conditions Beard

This beard conditioner is specially designed for beard use that won’t remove the natural oils. The beard can be cleaned as a result without being harmed in any way. Your facial hair will be shiny, lush, and healthy if you regularly apply this beard growth conditioner.

Softens & Encourages Growth

ChiltanPure Men Beard Growth Conditioner will enclose the hair follicles and supply them with all the nutrition required to grow strongly, healthily, and softly. You’ll have the right amount of grip to tame flyaway hairs, manage wave and curls in your beard, and keep it feeling great all day.

Fights Dandruff

With the help of our herbal extract beard conditioner, you can keep your beard strong and silky while preventing beard ruff. It removes regular dirt buildup while moisturizing your facial hair for a unique, refreshing look.

Shape & Style Beard

Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and other conditioning agents will give your beard the shape and style you want without leaving it sticky or hard to run your hands through it.

Makes Beard Shiny & Healthy

You must avoid using a product that is too harsh on the skin beneath or that can lead to itchiness, irritation, beard dandruff, or an unattractive beard overall. Our conditioner for beard growth locks the hair strands and supplies them with all the vital nutrients required to grow silky, strong, and healthy beard hair.

Soothes & Calms Irritation

Regular use of a ChiltanPure Beard Growth Conditioner helps to avoid skin irritation and beard dandruff. It will condition your beard for healthy growth, and a nutritious, hydrated mane if you struggle with a wiry, brittle beard, flakiness, or growth concerns.

Wet your beard.
Apply the required amount of this conditioner and lather it into your beard for a thorough cleanse.
Leave the conditioner on for 1-2 minutes and massage gently.
(Note)Do not massage on beard skin.
Keep out of reach of children.


Rose Water

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Almond Extract

Olive Oil

Vitamin E


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